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The Coffee Guide: Know Everything About the Coffee


Coffee is not just a drink but a fuel to the mankind.

It is said that first of all, it was discovered in the Ethiopia in 10th century and later on till 17th century, it reached most of the areas of the world.

Every single cup of the coffee tastes different because it entirely depends upon the type of coffee, roasting and brewing methods.

Here, I will be talking about the traits and types of the coffee, their roasting and brewing methods.

Traits of the Coffee

Traits of the Coffee

Why do people drink coffee?

Well, this varies from people to people. Everyone has different reasons of drinking the coffee.

Mainly, coffee traits has been divided into 4 types which include:

  • Flavour
  • Aroma
  • Body
  • Acidity

Flavour is nothing but the taste of your coffee. Many factors are involved when it comes to coffee flavour like sweetness, bitterness etc.

Aroma is nothing but the smell of your coffee. It is one of the most important traits of the coffee. Some very common aroma includes caramel, smoky, carbon, fruit, nutty and spicy.

Coffee body is basically the texture of the coffee and which is known when the coffee touches your tongue.

Acidity is associated with the acids that the coffee is rich in and it depends on where has the coffee come from. Some contains Citric Acid, Malic Acid and Quinic Acid.

Types of the Coffee Beans

Types of the Coffee Beans

Coffee seeds take almost 3 years to grow in to a tree which yields coffee cherries, a bright red fruit which are harvest when ripen and coffee beans are milled out of them.

There are many types of coffee beans and few important ones are mentioned here:

  • Liberica

However, this type of coffee take only 3% of the coffee market but it has a very good nutty like flavour.

  • Coffea Arabica

60-70% of the coffee market has been covered by the Coffea Arabica type of coffee beans which has multiple layers of flavour. This type of the coffee beans is mainly farmered in the Yemen and Ethiopia.

  • Coffea Canephora

It is also known as the Coffea Robusta and mainly found in the Vietnam and Ethiopia. It covers 20-30% of the coffee market.

Types of Roasting of the Coffee Beans

Types of Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting varies from light roasting to the dark roasting. The roasting depends on various factors like time and temperature.

There are mainly 3 types of roasting light roasting, medium roasting and dark roasting.

Light roasting varies between the temperature of 196°C and 205°C and has the little acidic taste.

Medium roasting varies between the temperature of 210°C and 219°C and has the lower acidity with the increased bitterness.

Dark roasting has the minimum acidity and very strong roast flavour. It is roasted at the temperature of above the 225°C.

Coffee Making Methods

Various Coffee Brewing Methods

There are various methods of brewing the coffee. Few of the famous coffee brewing methods are:

  • Instant Coffee – Pre-prepared coffee powders packets.
  • Pod Filtration – Forcing hot water through the capsule of the coffee grounds
  • Press – A plunger or press (French Press) with many small holes presses the coffee beans mixture with the hot water.
  • Drip – Hot water is poured and passes through the coffee grounds
  • Brew and Filter – Grounded beans are placed in the pot of hot water and filtered after that.

With this, now, you must understand and appreciate the every cup of coffee you consume everyday.

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